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A great kōrero on Voice of Aroha

Earlier this month, our National Program Manager, Birgit Grafarend-Watungwa, had the opportunity to chat to the team at Voice of Aroha about the Community Refugee Sponsorship (CORS) programme.

You can listen to the podcast on the Voice of Aroha website or Facebook page.

Voice of Aroha was established by former refugees and members of local communities who came together to establish a radio show that provides a platform and voice for the diverse communities in Wellington. Its vision is to create an inclusive safe space toward changing the narrative, to empower the voice of diverse communities by sharing untold stories and bringing uncomfortable topics to the table, and to build social cohesion by showcasing different cultures in Aotearoa society.

Thanks to Kodrean, Luis and Juan at Voice of Aroha for the opportunity to kōrero about the CORS programme.


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