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About the organisation

HOST International Aotearoa New Zealand (HOST) is the umbrella organisation for the Community Refugee Sponsorship (CORS) Programme for the duration of the CORS pilot extension.


The Community Refugee Sponsorship programme model is based on a partnership approach between Immigration New Zealand, the umbrella organisation, wider communities and mana whenua.


HOST supports community organisations in applying to become approved sponsors. Once organisations are approved, HOST will continue to provide assistance, coaching, information and training to approved sponsors in preparation for the arrival of sponsored refugees and during the first two years of settlement.


HOST is also responsible for assisting refugees during the application process for the Community Refugee Sponsorship Visa, e.g. completing Expressions of Interest, undertaking English language assessments etc., and will work alongside approved sponsors and sponsored refugees during the settlement process.

For further information about the organisation and its services, get in touch with HOST, visit our website or check out our social media sites.

Vision and mission

Our vision is for an inclusive world where people on the move and host communities work together to create better lives for all.  We believe that this is best achieved by fostering a common sense of humanity, dignity and a shared hope in a better future​.

Our mission is to make life better for displaced people and host communities by fostering humanity, hope and dignity. We do this by facilitating individual wellbeing, community inclusion and global change with a focus on innovation in refugee and migrant protection.


We believe our mission is best achieved by helping all members of the community to effectively welcome and integrate newcomers.

HOST International Aotearoa New Zealand was established in 2018 to support the effective integration of refugees and migrants into New Zealand by promoting Manaakitanga towards newcomers.

We are part of the HOST International family operating throughout Asia Pacific to make life better for people on the move and the communities that host them. The organisation currently supports displaced people and former refugees across communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand.


Since 2018 we have provided strengths based, trauma informed and healing focused services to former refugees and other migrants to assist them to find decent work. This has included internships and employer networking events for new arrivals.


We are a not-for-profit organisation aimed at providing direct relief and strategic support services to improve the livelihoods of refugees, asylum seekers and other displaced people throughout the world. We acknowledge and support the Treaty of Waitangi and commit to its principles of participation, protection, and partnership.


HOST seeks to promote innovation and integrity in all aspects of our work whilst promoting diversity and cooperation among the people and communities that we work with.


Refugee Journey

The organisation exists to make life better for people on the move as they seek a new home or settle in a new community. We believe that for this to occur communities need to be inclusive and support the conditions for individuals to achieve a reasonable quality of life that is free from harm and discrimination.


Overall, our work is underpinned by our core values of innovation, compassion, diversity, integrity and respect as well as our principles of humanity, hope and dignity.

Our theory of change focusses on 3 core areas:

1. Individual wellbeing

Fostering individual wellbeing and self-agency through social, cultural, physical, psychological and economic inclusion.  

2. Community inclusion

Facilitating bridges within communities that create social cohesion and economic inclusion. To do this we use principles of human centred design and partnership to co-create solutions to every day needs.

3. Systemic change

Pursuing structural and systemic change at national, regional and global levels. We do this through research and advocacy initiatives.

Our approach

HOST International Aotearoa works closely with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment | Immigration New Zealand, other partners in the former refugee and migrant settlement sector, wider communities across Aotearoa and globally on the Community Refugee Sponsorship programme.

Our programme partners

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